0. List of posters
1. THERAMIN thermal treatment for radioactive waste minimization and hazard reduction
2. Hot isostatic pressing and alteration of ceramics materials for immobilisation of stockpiled UK plutonium - L R Blackburn
3. CEA radioactive waste and vitrification process laboratory - J Delrieu
5. Laboratory scale HIPed brannerite glass ceramics - M Dixon Wilkins
7. Spark plasma sintering of spent Fukushima adsorbents and thermal processing of damaged fuel - L Harnett
8. Thermal treatment of nuclear waste in the UK an NNL perspective - N Patel
9. Research tools and methodology for waste vitrification process development - CEA
10. CEA contribution to the Theramin H2020 project - M Fournier


0.1 Welcome introduction - M Nieminen
0.2 Why use thermal treatment, benefits and challenges - S Wickham
1.1 Thermal gasification treatment of organic low and intermediate radioactive waste - M Nieminen
1.2 Incineration and vitrification technologies for radioactive waste - E Fourcy M Fournier
1.3.a Hot isostatic pressing technologies - N Hyatt
2.1 From waste acceptance criteria to waste disposability - B Frasca
2.2 Synchrotron radiation and X-ray absorption spectroscopy - N Hyatt
2.3 Chemical durability - K Ferrand
3 Value Assessment - J Kent